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Below is a table of contents for The Way We Live area of the Living Love Fellowship web site. It is divided into three sections:
On The Way Here
Our Way of Living, and
The Way In.

You may read through this area in order by clicking the NEXT link at the top or bottom of each page. Or you can click on any title in the table of contents to go to a specific topic. Within each to topic, you can click a page number at the top of any page to navigate to another page. The BACK link at the top and bottom of each page takes you back to the last page you were on.

Clicking the INDEX link at the top of each page will take you to the table of contents where you can select the next section you wish to see.

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ON THE WAY HERE why we chose this life
Relationship (page 2)
the heart of how we live and what we teach
Recreation and aesthetics (pages 3 - 8)
bringing beauty and balance into our busy life
Work (page 9)
practicing financial self-sufficiency
Spiritual practice (pages 10 - 12)
the practices we do
Service (pages 13 - 17)
serving others at home and in the community
Mission (pages 18 - 26)
sharing a universal spiritual teaching with the world
Unbecoming egos (pages 27 - 29)
a self-transcending life
History of the LLF (page 30)
the evolution of our teaching and way of life
About live-in membership in the LLF community (page 3)
if our life appeals to you
About supporting our work (page 4)
ways others can support this work
About doing similar work wherever you are (page 5)
can we help you help others?