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We find that the ideal life for us is a life in balance. This section describes several aspects that we balance in the life we live: recreation, spiritual practice, service, our mission, work, and yes -- household chores!
But the primary balance we try to maintain is between self-reflection, and everything else. For years, we spent much of our time concentrating on our own individual problems and concerns. We made progress to the extent that we resolved and released them very consciously. But we learned, over time, that there was more to personal progress than working with internal problems directly. The real abatement of inner difficulties, the real release from suffering, and real transformation were almost always achieved only when we were living beyond the egocentric style of living and thinking.
For that reason, as time has gone on, we have shifted most of our attention from self-focus to the other aspects of our lives: interpersonal relationship, spiritual study, mission work, and social service. This shift has proven highly beneficial. Yet the resulting lifestyle is not, as one might expect, a life of relentless self-discipline and self-denial.
As you will see . . .