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The money for everything we do comes almost entirely -- well over 99 percent -- from our own personal earnings. We consider it essential that we earn money in the world and give it away without expecting others to give anything in return. We do this not just as a demonstration, but mostly because we want to do what we believe is right. We feel responsible self-sufficiency is appropriate. And we believe in freely giving as a way of life. We also believe that spiritual truth should be made available free of charge. That is certainly the way God handles it!
At present, there are three of us who devote full time to the development of LLF teaching materials and the spiritual life of the community. The rest of us work primarily in a consulting business which we own together. We are lucky that the business is large enough to accommodate all of us, because we find it pleasurable and useful to work together, with our friends. It's a real blessing to be around conscious people! As they say, it's good work if you can get it.
The work is very complex, varied, and paperwork-intensive. As a result, it requires constant learning, frequent judgment calls, and lots of teamwork. Needless to say, it has proven to provide us great spiritual exercise.