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The beginnings of what was to become the Living Love Fellowship were established in 1979 by Sara, Francine, and David -- the present elders of the Living Love Fellowship. Our public work started when we established an educational organization called LoveTrust, which offered universal and humanistic teachings on the subject of love. Our initial premise was spiritual -- we firmly believed that love is the greatest healer of all, and that God is Love. But the primary forms of our outreach were temporal -- pyschological, even.
LoveTrust served the spiritual cause of love through helping people achieve greater functionality in loving relationship. We delivered public lectures in diverse forums ranging from singles groups, to church groups, to business organizations and hospitals, to college lectures; we offered public education through classes on the subject of love and intimacy; we published a newsletter called The Loving Cup and a number of other small publications. We not only taught what we had learned about love and spirituality, but we learned much more from the people who opened their minds and hearts to us in the process. All of it confirmed our earlier conclusions and intuitions about God and love in human life.
Over the years we attracted a small band of friends who studied and prayed with us. These friends participated in the ongoing activities of LoveTrust -- which by then had changed its name to the New Foundation (signifying our vision of helping to build a new foundation of love underneath human life as a whole, and spiritual life in particular). Eventually, we all decided to live together in a social partnership. During the period from 1985 to 1995, our group grew in numbers, developed in thought, deepened in dedication, and evolved in inspiration until finally, it matured into what is now the Living Love Fellowship.
Although the aspirations of each of us were primarily spiritual in nature, and many of us came from religious backgrounds of various faiths, we found we could not comfortably align the Living Love Fellowship with any of the major religions of the world. We hoped to support people of all faiths. Also, none of the world’s religions fully satisfied our sensibilities of what spirituality truly is.
Our understanding of what is universal and essential about spirituality is expressed in the way we live and in what we teach:
We believe strongly in the truth that "What you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me." No life is truly spiritual without a high degree of ethical accountability of man to fellow man.
We believe that the practice of love in every life circumstance is spiritually necessary and appropriate -- more so than belief in any faith, ritual, doctrine or performance of any sacrament could ever be.
We believe that mystic experience -- communion with God -- is a real and necessary part of every spiritual life. We also believe that obedience to the "still small voice" in bringing Divine love into living expression on earth is a spiritually essential practice.
We believe that if humanity is to effectively transform ordinary mundane existence into a life that is truly spiritual, and thereby find spiritual salvation, each individual will have to cross a bridge that was built not of religious dogma, but of true love and true understanding.
The bridge itself would have to be practical and ethical in its construction, as well as spiritual and faithful. This is a matter of personal responsibility which cannot be replaced with mere faith belief, baptism, ritual, and the like.
We feel Divinely inspired to help build this bridge, and to make it accessible to humanity in every way possible through the Living Love Fellowship. And that is what we do.