Our Mission's Inspiration as it Relates to the Trends of Today's World

Clearly, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. And while that problem expresses itself as worldwide poverty and international conflict, the political mess only reflects the misdirected will -- and perhaps the lack of clear will -- of the people at large. As someone said, if international wars were as frequent as interpersonal conflicts, the world would surely be WAY worse off. And likewise, if corporate thievery were as successful as many divorce settlements and spurious lawsuits, virtually everyone would be destitute, rather than most people.

We believe that the only effective solution to the world's problems is to improve the quality of thought and action of human individuals -- the average man and woman. Spiritual values may be part of that, but more to the point is the upleveling of individual integrity in the authentic LIVING of higher values.

Our efforts in this regard are to provide the world, at no charge:

1. A fresh perspective on real-life issues and struggles -- to help raise the level of human thought, and thereby improve the quality of action that comes from thought. We do this by presenting articles and courses that speak to the mind, heart, and soul of man, and help him in relationship.

2. Direct support and mentoring for people who are grappling with emotional, moral, and spiritual issues, and want meaningful spiritually relevant answers.

3. A system of education by which people can develop the knowledge and skill necessary to competently help others to a happier, saner, more fulfilling life.

4. A vision for positive possibilities for living. We want to demonstrate a life which benefits the individual without being primarily self-serving -- nor primarily for the monetary benefit of any company or organization. As a whole, the lifestyle we wish to show is one which is materially sustainable, yet deeply beneficial not ONLY to ourselves, but also to the world at large, and to the people in it. Here the benefits we are looking for are emotional and spiritual, not just practical. But we recognize that the material benefits of spiritual and emotional harmony can be great: The failure of loving social cooperation can erase, in a single divorce or lawsuit, all the earnings of a lifetime.

The goal of our work is to help establish, for the sake of all humanity, a real basis for greater security than is presently achievable by virtue of muddled conventional thought and disastrously self-serving styles of living. It is our hope that we will get rid of confusion with clear thinking, improve some lives by doing it, and thereby help protect the planet from almost certain disasters.

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