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About live-in membership in the LLF community
We don't expect many people to join us as resident members of the LLF. And we would be the first to say that our particular lifestyle is not on the Recommended List for most people. But if it is a possibility that interests you, here are some relevant considerations.
Our life -- or something similar -- may well be on someone's Things To Do List, and it may even be on their Much Wanted List -- but obviously, it must be at the TOP of the priority list if it is to happen. Really, it must be on the Must Have List before you are ready for it. That is, you must feel you have reached a time where you have no acceptable choice BUT to make this kind of change.
Signs of being ready for this life:
Through with worldly life -- and thereby having a life to give. We would not QUITE say this, although we recognize the truth of it:
With that in mind, we WOULD say that being here means being:
Aware, at least intuitively, that everything you could want IS in the spiritual life.
We all have desires we want fulfilled. The question is not so much WHETHER we all have wants and needs, but rather, HOW are those needs going to BEST be met? Regardless of what is on our want list, what offers us the best overall chance for fulfillment in this life?
This life is for those who feel that, for them, giving their life to God in this particular fashion MAXIMIZES that chance.
To that we would add the following items:
Not highly concerned about karmic completions of any kind. This goes back to being through with worldly pursuits.
Ready to do any kind of work, whatever is needed -- and not just what is conventionally thought of as special talents, and considered to be one's "highest and best use." Here, we try to make good use of talents, but the first order of business is to do what needs to be done. And for that, obviously, flexibility is required. Clearly, pride and attachment must take a back seat in this matter.
And finally, on a practical note, we add the following:
Can't contribute debt. For years, our practice was to embrace members AND in so doing, take on their DEBTS. But we came to realize that if we continued that policy, before long, we would be working ONLY to pay off the debts of our members -- and would have NO time for our Mission work.
Being answered, and accepting the answer
For some people, discovering a lifestyle like ours seems like a prayer answered, and it may well be that. But answers to prayers are given us, not forced upon us. Therefore, when the answers to prayers arrive, it is the responsibility of those who pray to answer their answers. Answers to prayers come to nothing unless they are accepted by the one who receives them.
The appeal of the LLF
Since we are willing, essentially, to do whatever we need to do to become functional in love, we have great appeal to those who have a strong desire to escape the state of loneliness. But then too, in our group, spiritual values are placed decidedly higher than the ordinary values of human intimacy. In that respect, our greatest appeal is probably to people who realize that human association, when rightly used, facilitates spiritual progress.