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About supporting our work
Support work for the Living Love Fellowship. Some people have stepped forward to help us with the work we do. Such help has consisted of editing assistance, computer work, etc. Obviously, for this kind of support to be truly helpful, the helper must already have the necessary skills, and the value of the service given must exceed the cost to us in terms of delegation and supervision.
Financial contribution. It is not our habit to seek contributions. This is simply because we feel that it is a good policy to give spiritual things freely -- and to work for whatever we give away, rather than depending on charity or reciprocation from others. But the fact remains, there are practical limits to what we can do. And, some of those limits relate to our small resources of time and money. We always spend most of our time earning the money we need to support ourselves, and to fund our Mission work. And we spend as much time as possible doing that work. Any financial help we might receive would further the work on our Mission.