People ask us about the possibilities for involvement with the Living Love Fellowship. There are three levels of involvement:

Student of the Loving Love Fellowship
Resident member of the Living Love Fellowship


Friend of the Living Love Fellowship

Our wide and growing circle of friends comprises the extended family of the Living Love Fellowship. We value our friends from all over the world. Obviously, friends are welcome to visit our web site as often as they like, and to freely print out and share our articles with others. But also, our friends are welcome and encouraged to write to us occasionally with questions about the issues covered in our teachings and the challenges of their daily lives. And we always welcome their suggestions as to how to improve or clarify the teaching, etc.

We maintain an electronic mailing list of our friends, and send periodic notifications of changes to our site, and other communications of interest.


Student of the Living Love Fellowship

Anyone who is seriously interested in learning and practicing the principles we teach may become a student of the LLF. We offer these additional opportunities for students:

Correspondence courses, consisting of reading assignments and written study questions which are automatically e-mailed to the student at regular intervals.

Regular e-mail correspondence with a resident member of the Fellowship.

Supervised implementation of a personalized program of spiritual exercise. This option uses our Bloom Growth Booster program, under the guidance of a mentor.

Personal retreats held at the LLF headquarters in Oregon.


Resident member of the Living Love Fellowship

It is not necessary to live with us, or even meet us, to benefit from our teachings and receive our assistance. And realistically, our lifestyle is not for everyone.

We are, for all practical purposes, a family, and most of us have been together for many years. It takes time for anyone to understand the way we live, and to make a commitment based on that understanding. A family like ours is built upon mutual affinity, and mutual love. Therefore, just as people take a while to really know each other before getting married, we proceed gradually in welcoming new people into our group.

We are not closed to new members. But at the same time, the expansion of this family is not a high item on our priority list! We are focused on the work at hand: to create and distribute teachings about living spiritual life, and to support people -- no matter what lifestyle they have chosen -- with answers to questions that bear upon spiritual life and spiritual principles in action. Our REAL mission is not to expand our immediate family, but to help anyone with love.

Even though we don't expect many people to join us as resident members, we do appreciate the need of every human being for the support of an extended circle of friends, beyond the married couple or nuclear family. And we recognize the heart's need to love more broadly, too. Therefore, we encourage people to form affinity groups wherever you are, and to meet as a group regularly, for friendship, mutual support, group discussion, and cooperative service. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get started where you live.

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