Thanks to the internet, we have website readers and students all over the world, in almost every country. We're very grateful for the wide circle of friends we're able to reach through the web. But when it comes to helping people and changing lives, nothing is as good as being there. So we are thrilled to now have three members in faraway places who are reaching out to people personally, and sharing our message of Divine and human love.

Wilson Agaba, Uganda

Wilson AgabaWilson learned Unification meditation in February 2009, and then introduced Unification to his prayer partners and neighbors. The experience was so positive, he was inspired to teach Unification to the schoolchildren of Kampala. He soon became our first certified Unification instructor, and he threw himself into teaching about love in schools and communities and counseling families, with overwhelming success. His good work and dedication laid the foundation for LLF's active mission in Uganda. Since meeting Wilson LLF representatives have visited Uganda three times and have seen many lives transformed by love.

During our first visit to Uganda, Wilson explained his passion for the love mission. Here is part of what he told us:

"Here in Uganda, people don't have love. They need love, but they don't meet people who they can talk to about love, and learn about it.

"My strategy is to keep checking on the kids, to keep on sharing ideas with them, sharing with them about Unification. And to show them love. Because love is not one-time only. When you teach people about love and you go away, they think, 'This is not love.' So you need to put out more effort, to keep checking on them. Show them love. Then they feel happy. They feel, 'There is someone who loves me. I have a friend.' So it's my responsibility.

"Another thing: I see so many problems. How to solve them? Only love can solve them. Let me give you an example. Here in Uganda, there is a kind of kidnapping. People steal kids and sell them for money. But if you love your neighbor as you love yourself, you can't sell their kid! Maybe you see the kid a bit far from the house, and you say, 'Let me take this kid to the family, where they're supposed to be.' Because you have love. So when you spread the message of love to the whole world, people will stop kidnapping. It will not be happening.

"That's why I'm proud to teach in the schools about love. It's better to teach those young students because they have energy, they have hope, they can move. They are growing up. They have opportunities. Maybe some of them, they get a chance to go to other places. Wherever they go, you'll find them teaching Unification. They are going to spread love in the whole world."

Sandra Obeng, Ghana

Sandra, a young woman who first discovered the LLF through our Faith Crisis website, is now one of our most active and committed Contributing Members. She has been distributing bookmarks in and around Accra, Ghana where she lives since May 2010. She has given away hundreds of bookmarks at schools, hospitals, and bookstores, and has even enlisted the help of her friends and some of the bookmark recipients, who liked them so much they wanted to help. Her enthusiastic efforts have brought many new students and subscribers to our websites.

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