Our mission is to encourage all men and women to live spiritual life as a WHOLE, leaving out no part of their everyday lives. Only a whole spiritual life, lived in loving relationship with God and our fellow human beings, satisfies the hearts of God's children. And, only a whole spiritual life really WORKS.

We wish to live, in our own lives, the full potential of human existence, as God intended -- a happy, well-rounded life of deeply fulfilling personal relationships, challenging practical responsibilities (including devoted humanity service), and soul-nourishing intimacy with God.

We want to show that human relationship and spirituality are, in essence, inseparable. (Many people who yearn for fulfillment embark on metaphysical studies or spiritual searches which are disconnected from their everyday lives, and from human relations. This becomes both spiritually limiting and emotionally frustrating. We joyfully and confidently affirm that practical relating and real loving are not only COMPATIBLE with authentic spirituality, but ESSENTIAL to true spiritual life.)

We also support all men and women in enjoying a close and mutually dependent relationship with the Divine. People relate to the Divine in many indirect ways -- in meditation, in nature, in their fellow human beings, etc., but we particularly want to people to know that an intimate, personal relationship with God -- as friend, lover, parent, guide, and constant companion -- is available to all.

We work daily to fulfill our mission by freely sharing helpful and inspiring teachings, primarily on our web site, and by trying to live a life of love in action in whatever we are doing, wherever we are.

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