The Soul Progress web site is full of truthful writings that we offer to the entire world for free, for each reader to use as he or she sees fit. On the surface it seems as if a person could read what is here, agree with it, decide to live it, and then go do it in the privacy of their own home, by themselves.

The truth is, virtually no person could succeed that way. The way of Truth is so different from the ways of the world, so incompatible with the ways of the ego, that it would be extremely rare for a solitary individual to truly and lastingly convert to it, without wise guidance and loving support.

Therefore, to any person who is not content with superficial understanding, with nominal agreement, with consoling inspiration, with limited commitment, and who sincerely aspires to truly learn and live these truths, we make this offer: We will personally guide your spiritual growth to the extent you are prepared to grow. This is not an offer of material assistance, for we do not have the means nor the mandate to extend that. But we will give you the benefit of our understanding, experience, and loving attention, as long and as far as you are willing to go on this path. This offer is limited only by the extent of your openness, your interest, and your discipline.

If you are ready and willing, we look forward to hearing from you.

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