Irene is 14 years old. Her parents are dying of AIDS, and are too sick to take care of her. So she lives with her aunt in a small one-room shack. Her aunt is a single woman with two daughters of her own, and she has also taken in Irene's orphaned cousin.

Irene is one of the top students in her school, but she will not be able to stay in school without help. Although she has tried, Irene's poor aunt is unable to both feed and educate four young girls. Irene speaks frequently of her fear that she may not finish school because her aunt can't afford it.

Irene is a sweet, shy girl. Whenever she gets a chance to talk, she wants advice about how to deal with high-school politics, and improve her friendships. She has an innocent nature, and is perplexed by the fickleness of the other schoolgirls.

For $30 a month, Irene could be sponsored to go to school. This would pay for her school fees, books, supplies, school clothing, lunch at school, and a few basic needs such as soap and toothpaste. If you cannot contribute the full amount, anything would help. And of course, if you wish to give additional support for her other needs (at home, etc.), that would be most appreciated.

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