Kazungu is a refugee from the Congo, living in Uganda. When he was 11, his family fled from their homeland with a large group of refugees. Sadly, the rebel army pursued them and burned down their camp one night. Many of Kazungu's family members were killed in the fire, and the young boy had the heartbreaking job of burying his murdered brothers. He, his parents, and his four remaining siblings then continued on to Uganda, where for three months they lived under a mango tree. They had so few possessions, Kazungu and his brother shared a set of clothing. They each took turns hiding in the bushes naked, while the other boy could walk about freely.

Life is still very hard for the family. As refugees who speak a different tongue natively, his parents have had great difficulty finding work. Kazungu is the oldest boy in his family and feels responsible for its support. He begs for money and does small jobs here and there, but he is not able to make enough. He suffers having to watch his siblings go hungry regularly, and has not been able to pay for all of them to attend school.

Last year, his mother was hit by a car, and suffered a broken leg. Kazungu suffered a nervous breakdown because of the stress of having to pay her hospital bills. Thankfully, he fully recovered.

He is a very responsible boy, and cares tremendously about his family. He also is extremely interested in doing humanity service work, and wants to learn so that he can help people. He talks about wanting to be "a friend to every person" he meets.

Kazungu needs help with his school fees. For $30 a month, you can sponsor him. This amount would pay for his school fees, books, supplies, school clothing, lunch at school, and a few basic needs such as soap and toothpaste. If you cannot afford to pay the full amount, anything would help. And of course, if you wish to give additional support for his other needs (at home, etc.), that would be most appreciated.

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