Patricia is 14 years old. Her father and mother separated a couple of years ago, leaving the mother with five children to take care of. The father has married another woman, and refuses to support Patricia or her siblings.

Their mother is poor, and tries hard to take care of her children, but only earns $1.75 a day. It is not enough for their food, shelter, and school fees. Patricia, her mother, and her older sister have decided to become a team, working together to make ends meet. Patricia has a part-time job cooking, and earns 80 cents a day. Her sister earns the same. By pooling their money, they are able to eat and keep a very humble home. However, unless she gets help, Patricia will have to stop going to school. She has asked for help, because she desperately wants to continue her education.

"Every day I cry thinking about the problems my mother, sister, and brothers, and me have. I say "why" to God. But one day I told my mother about the solution I thought of: what if there is somewhere I can stay where I would do everything—wash utensils, mop, fetch water, wash clothes, everything. And my payment would be my school fees. My mother told me that if I can find that opportunity, she will allow me to do that. I pray to God to help me."

—taken from a letter written by Patricia in December 2010

For $30 a month you could sponsor Patricia. This would pay for her school fees, books, supplies, school clothing, lunch at school, and a few basic needs such as soap and toothpaste. If you cannot afford to pay the full $30, any contribution would help. And of course, if you wish to give additional support for her other needs (at home, etc.), that would be most appreciated.

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