Ritah is a beautiful 15-year old girl from Uganda. From birth, her life has been a struggle against great odds. The day she was born, her father wanted to kill her, so she was sent to live with her grandmother for three years. Those were the most pleasant years of her life. They ended when her mother remarried and took her back. Ritah's stepfather was a harsh man who resented having Ritah in his home. He treated her like a slave, and yelled at her constantly. By the age of 8, Ritah knew she couldn't keep living this way, so she begged her grandmother to take her in again. Ritah's life was much better for two years, until her grandmother ran into financial difficulties and had to move. Ritah then went to live with her grandfather, who yelled at her constantly, accused her of being a prostitute, and worked her to the bone. In July 2010, Ritah's grandfather threw her out of his house, and she lived on the street for several months.

Through it all, Ritah's spirit has remained strong. She has an astounding commitment to doing what's right—rare for such a young girl. She writes beautiful poetry about wanting to help all the sad and lonely people in the world, and talks about God constantly. She is an extraordinary girl, and deserves all the support she can get.

Here is a poem she wrote in March 2010, a few months before she became homeless:

Life is empty without dreams
But I have a dream,
I sleep in it, I breathe it,
and my life is still empty.
The wind blows, but my worries still cling to my neck.
Trouble has become a shadow in my dream,
That the wind can't blow away.
My dream of seeing the morning star fading
Like tears falling into the river,
My dream to put a smile on the faces of every one,
My dream of shaping lives,
Is dwelling in the tomb.
Why is life an enemy to me?
Why is he enjoying my sadness?
Did I miss my Creator before descending?
My dream, my dream.
My life sees no fruit
From my dream.

This October, we arranged for her to move in with Ugandan LLF member Wilson Agaba. She is finally safe, and very happy in her new home. But she needs help with her school fees.

Please help if you can. $30 a month will pay for her school fees, books, supplies, school clothing, lunch at school, and a few basic needs such as soap and toothpaste. If you cannot afford to contribute the entire amount, any part of it would help tremendously. And of course, if you wish to give additional support for her other needs (at home, etc.), that would be most appreciated.

"I am so happy for the place you found for me. Even it wasn't in my dreams that I will be with a family like Wilson's family. I thought it was the end for me when I left my grandfather's home. I promise that I am going to work hard now."

—taken from a letter written by Ritah in December 2010

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