The core group of the Living Love Fellowship is a family of spiritual friends who choose to live and work together. Together, we practice our shared spiritual values in everyday life, under the guidance of our spiritual teacher. Some of us have been with the group for over thirty years.

We began with an inspired vision: a group of human beings who make a wholehearted emotional and practical commitment to each other, and, on that basis, live a life that is vital, full, intense, fulfilling, prosperous, harmonious, moral, profound, and Divinely attuned -- all at once. This kind of life transcends the limitations of this psychologically distraught world, and far exceeds the expectations of humanity as a whole. Especially now, when it seems humanity's expectations for fulfillment in love have reached a low ebb. Many people no longer even aspire to soul-supporting interdependencies.

What humanity really needs, more than anything else, is a tangible demonstration of the possibilities that almost no one ever sees manifest -- certainly not in Westernized society. We feel it is our mission to actually SHOW the world, by doing it, what human life can be and is meant to be. We feel this is what Heaven wants of us; and we have quite a good start on it, in our personal and functional relationships. Although we know we still have much work to do to reach our goal, we have already manifested a level of group cooperation, harmony, communication, sharing, mutual service, and love that has rarely, if ever, been seen on earth. And we have much to share, from our discoveries along the way.

Most importantly, we've found is that there is a synergistic relationship between cooperating with other human beings, and cooperating with God. And there's a direct relationship between loving functionality in relationship with human beings, and loving functionality in relationship with Divinity. Constructive involvement in social living purifies and uplifts the spirit, makes us more capable of communicating effectively with God. Also, a heartfelt and sincere desire to be good and helpful to others powerfully invokes God's presence. God is love, after all, and God is willing to participate where there is love. Perhaps more importantly, God is ABLE to participate where there is love. The lines get blurred at that point, when Divine love flows into and through human love. This has been our experience.

So, our lives have become an exploration of human-to-human cooperation and human-Divine cooperation. We consider this important pioneering work, since it is something that the human race as a whole will need to do -- soon. When times get difficult, when global problems become urgent, people will NEED to cooperate with one another to survive. And we all need help from God, both now, and then.

We want to restore mankind's faith in one another, and in God, to the point where mankind can live joyfully in intimate cooperation with each other and with God, as God would have it be.

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