Heart to Heart Uganda

Uganda is a very poor country, and many of its children suffer greatly. We cannot help all the children we've met in our work there, but we've decided to do our best to help a few extraordinary children. Each of these young people has an unusual desire to help others; each one has persevered through terrible difficulties, and come out stronger and more mature for it; and each of them is passionately interested in making the world a better place through love. We believe that to support these kids financially is a great gift, not just to them, but to the whole world—because what they have to give is tremendous.

We are currently seeking sponsors for for 2015 for the five students described below

Please read our brief descriptions of these children and their lives, and consider whether you can afford to help. Your small monthly donation could change a child's life, remove a source of terrible stress, and give him or her the opportunity for a brighter future.

A pledge of $50 a month will sponsor a child to go to school for a year. If you cannot afford that much, any amount—even a small one-time donation—would help. And of course, if you would like to contribute more, to support their other needs at home, etc., that would be most welcome. We will make sure your contribution creates the maximum benefit for the child you designate. Not a penny of your donation will be deducted for administrative expenses or other costs.



Irene Namata

Irene is a deep, thoughtful, and courageous young woman. She has a strong passion for understanding life and people, and for doing the right thing, and she actively helps her friends to make good choices and have better relationships and higher morality. Many of her classmates have written to tell us how inspired they are by her. A few years ago, after her parents both became terminally ill, she moved in with her aunt. Her aunt is a poor woman who supports Irene and three other cousins, and cannot afford Irene's schooling without help. Irene has been sponsored through the LLF since 2010.

To sponsor Irene
select a monthly donation amount (one year pledge)

One time donation for Irene



Amanya Mark

Mark is a bright, intelligent boy, with a good heart. An unusually helpful and caring child, he often gives his own things to schoolmates who are in need. Mark is a good friend to others, and a natural leader. He thinks deeply about life and his relationships, and often writes to us with his questions and feelings. He is surprisingly insightful about matters of the heart for someone so young.

To sponsor Mark
select a monthly donation amount (one year pledge)

One time donation for Mark



Patricia Wanyana Esther

Patricia is a sweet, big-hearted girl who cares a great deal about her friends, and about making a difference in the world. She has actively tried to help other students by forming study groups and Unification groups at school. She cares deeply about her friends and the choices they make, and tries hard to be a good influence in their lives. Some years back, her large family was abandoned by her father, and since then they have struggled financially. Patricia needs financial help to continue her education.

To sponsor Patricia
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One time donation for Patricia



Naikoba Asha

Asha is a brave, sensitive, and thoughtful young woman. She has been a dedicated member of the Unification group at her school for many years, and has worked hard to learn to understand people and help her friends. Coming from a poor family, she often had to miss school because her mother had fallen behind on paying her fees. Recently, her mother became fully incapacitated, and can no longer pay for her to attend school. Many children in Uganda face similar hardships, but we chose to sponsor Asha because she has become such an uplifting influence on her classmates that her absence would be a hardship for many.

To sponsor Asha
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One time donation for Asha



Namuddu Madrine

Madrine is a natural leader at her school. She is dedicating to living the values of love, friendship, and caring, and we often hear from her fellow students that she's changed their lives by being a good example to them. She is known for being kind, and for helping the other students resolve problems between them. She lives with her father and siblings, and though they have a lot of love in their household, they don't have the funds necessary for Madrine to attend school. Your sponsorship of Madrine will help her continue studying and being an uplifting influence at her school.

To sponsor Madrine
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One time donation for Asha


Thank you! You will receive a receipt for each donation, and periodic updates on how the student you are sponsoring is doing.

The Living Love Fellowship (LLF) is a non-profit, charitable organization. Donations to the LLF are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law for US taxpayers. The LLF's Federal I.D. Number is 68-0392814.